Cosmic Book News is reporting that Marvel Comics is bringing Steve Rogers back to the character we all know and love. Coming out of the Secret Empire event series that saw Captain America believe he was a lifelong Hydra agent thanks to a little help from the Red Skull and a Cosmic Cube, Marvel is bring Steve Rogers and the rest of their cast of characters back to their basics, back to the core characters fans grew up loving.

I have mixed feelings about this. Marvel has been under fire of late for being too focused on making politically correct comics, comics that focus on new characters that represent areas of society that don’t get much love. When it works, such as the amazing Ms. Marvel from writer G. Willow Wilson, the results are magical. Yet when they result in comics like Champions, a series that appears to be taking it’s story cues from MSNBC and not, you know, actual good writing, you’re left upset as a reader.

I read comics for good stories. I don’t read a story about a superhero to be preached to. At the end of the day, a good comic team will find a way to not only tell you a good story, but if they have an actual point they want to make to the reader, they’ll do it without wagging their finger at you.

Take Iron Man. In the comics, they came up with stories like Demon In A Bottle, a story detailing Tony Stark’s battles with alcoholism. The story was brilliantly told and didn’t have to end with Tony turning to the reader telling them that abusing alcohol was a bad thing. No kidding! Any good writer is going to show their reader WHY something is bad. Don’t lecture us.

Marvel Comics aren’t suffering in sales because they’re focusing on politically correct stories and characters. Their sales are suffering because the product they’re providing their customers is just not as good as it once was. They have a talented group of writers and artists, some who live in Portland, Oregon like Brian Bendis, Dave Marquez, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, David Walker, and others. I have full confidence that Marvel will find its groove again. If that means a reset for their universe, then so be it. I’m a fan and will give it a chance. At the end of the day though, the stories have to be good otherwise people won’t give Marvel their hard earned cash.